Workout of the Week #24


Take on your Men’s Fitness workout of the week, a new 52-part series to keep you inspired and challenged for 2015. We’ll post a new workout every Monday and for an added incentive, we’ll take on the workout too so you can see how your best time compares with a member of the MF team.

Workout of the Week #24

Do 20, 10, 5 reps of 50kg power cleans and decline press-ups as fast as you can.

How to do the workout:

Grab the barbell with a shoulder-width grip. With your arms straight and chest up, press down through your heels and drive your hips forwards to lift the weight up to chest height. Quickly bring your elbows under the bar and as high as you can to catch the barbell across the front of your shoulders. Return the weight to the floor and repeat for 20 total reps. After your last one, move onto press-ups with your feet elevated on a bench. After 20 reps, return to the power cleans for 10 reps and so on until you finish. Rest as much or as little as you need/can tolerate.

Watch the video, take on the challenge and post your best score in the comments section below.

MF’s par time: 4min

This workout was shot at The Athlete Centre in Oxford. Check out our Workout of the Week YouTube playlist for more gym challenges. Subscribe to the Men’s Fitness YouTube channel for our weekly Workouts of the Week, posted every Monday throughout 2015.