Join The Red Bull Million Mile Commute This July


Here at Coach we’ve made no secret of our belief that an active commute is just about the best way to fit exercise into even the busiest of lives, because the benefits extend well beyond improving your physical health. By running, walking or cycling to work, you’ll also save yourself some cash and quite possibly some time, as well as arriving at work full of endorphins and ready to win the day.

Those who engage in an active commute this July will also have the chance of winning prizes if they join the Red Bull Million Mile Commute through the fitness app Strava. This is the second year of the initiative, which challenges people all over the world to log their runs and rides to work on Strava with the aim of hitting a cumulative million miles.

In 2017, Red Bull allowed three months for the million miles, but this year it’s just one so it will take as many participants as possible to reach the target. As an extra incentive there will be prizes available based on hitting certain individual distance targets. The first 2,500 people to log one mile will be sent a Red Bull sample pack and hitting longer distance targets will enter you into a draw for more substantial prizes:

  • Ten miles: limited-edition Strava socks (ten available)
  • 50 miles: one-year Strava premium membership (ten available)
  • 100 miles: limited-edition Red Bull fridge for your office with a year’s supply of the drink (five available)
  • 250 miles: Marin Fairfax SC3 2018 bike provided by Cycle Surgery (one available)

Anyone who picks up a can of Red Bull during the event will also be a winner, because each can will have a 30-day code for free access to Strava premium. Only one code per person will work, so don’t over-caffeinate yourself chugging Red Bull in the hope of nabbing a lifetime supply of premium access.

To take part in the Million Mile Commute, join the Red Bull UK club on Strava and then register for the Million Mile Commute itself. Once that’s done, tag any human-powered trips to the office as commutes on Strava for them to contribute to the overall target. Your other running and cycling doesn’t count, so don’t be tempted to claim that your 150km Sunday ride was actually a commute – no-one is going to be impressed.