A 30-Minute Functional HIIT Circuit Anyone Can Try


Photography: Jim Crossley, F45 Kingston

There are many ways to approach the gym. You can work on your cardio with some treadmill, exercise bike or rowing machine sessions, or you can focus on building muscle. You can also take a functional approach, training muscles for the tasks they perform in everyday life, rather than the gym (this method also builds some impressive-looking muscles as a happy byproduct).

This HIIT workout from the functional specialists at F45 Kingston takes the latter approach, basing the session around compound exercises which target multiple joints and muscle groups at once. It will take just under 30 minutes to complete, making it ideal for a lunch break. If you find it a bit easy, hang tight – a more advanced workout from F45 Kingston is coming soon.

Functional HIIT Workout

The circuit involves nine functional exercises, most of which are bodyweight exercises, although you will also need a kettlebell and a pair of dumbbells.

For each exercise complete as many reps as you can within 35 seconds, then rest for 25 seconds before moving on to the next exercise.

Complete three rounds of the circuit. If you’re not sure how to do any of the moves click the header for a full explanation, and make sure to bear in mind the dos and don’ts from the F45 coaches.

1. Kettlebell swing

Do: Initiate the move with the hips, not the arms
Don’t: Swing higher than eye level

2. Burpee


Do: Raise your hands above your head when you jump
Do: Consider skipping the press-up at the bottom of the move, it’s optional

3. Bear crawl

Do: Keep your knees close to the floor to engage your core
Don’t: Let your back arch

4. High knees

Do: Keep knees high and tempo fast
Don’t: Dip your head and hunch your shoulders

5. Press-up

Don’t: Flare your elbows – keep them tucked in
Don’t: Let your hips dip – keep your core engaged

6. Star jumps

Do: Bend your knees to land softly

7. Dumbbell overhead press

Do: Bring the dumbbells all the way to your shoulders and push then above your head
Don’t: Curve your back as you extend the dumbbell

8. Bodyweight squat

Do: Get as low as you can
Don’t: Round your back or look down

9. Bicycle crunch

Do: Keep your shoulders off the floor

F45 offers high-intensity, 45-minute, circuit-based group training sessions. Visit f45kingston.co.uk for a free two-week trial